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What is YardsAway?

  • YardsAway is a mobile marketing service that provides free printable and mobile deals online to local consumers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. From restaurants to retail stores and salons to health care providers, customers can use YardsAway to find deals and discounts from local merchants and have them text messaged to their mobile phones or opt-in to a business' mobile deal club to receive additional deals from them.

    YardsAway offers its online businesses:

    • • Unlimited mobile coupons – post as many as you want, whenever you want

    • • A mobile keyword - receive one free mobile keyword with your business name to build a list of leads

    • • Discounted Eco-Friendly Marketing Material - banners, postcards,flyers, business cards and etc
      with your mobile keyword included on them

    • • Extended online reach with a business profile and micro site on YardsAway.com

    • • Online forum to promote your business using customer testimonials, photos and video ads

    • Why YardsAway?

      We chose YardsAway because the name reflects the short distance between people and places in a community. Plus it sounds great too!

How Does YardsAway Work?

  • Consumers can text the business' mobile keyword from their cell phone to opt-in to receive deals from the business, print the deal directly from our site or text deals to their cell phone. We encourage users to send the deal to their cell phone, instead of printing deals that they have to carry with them and possibly leave at home. With YardsAway mobile coupons, your deal travels with the customer anytime, everywhere – conveniently in their mobile phones.

    To get mobile coupons, customers can visit YardsAway.com and search for current offers from local businesses by location or type of business. Once the customer finds an offer they want, they click the coupon's "Mobilize it" link to have it text messaged to their cell phone. Then, the customer is prompted to enter only their phone number and select their cell phone service provider to receive the coupon. Or use the business' mobile keyword that's listed on the marketing material they received and text the buinsess' keyword to the short code number listed offline. Within seconds, the offer is text messaged to the customer. To redeem, the customer just shows their mobile phone at the point-of-sale. Instant savings!

Does YardsAway continue to send mobile coupons after the customer “clips” or text messages the offer?

No. YardsAway never sends customers unsolicited text messages. To receive regular deals from their favorite businesses, customers can choose to opt-in to that particular business' mobile deal club or sign up for Holy Moly Deal Alerts, which are savings and offers we either e-mail or text on behalf of your favorite merchants. However, this is voluntarily.

Do you store customers’ cell phone numbers or sell customer information?

Once a customer chooses to have a mobile coupon sent to their cell phone via text message from our site, the customer can opt-in to have their phone number saved for a Holy Moly Deal Alerts or to receive additional deals from that particular business. This way they don’t have to enter their phone number again the next time they want to mobilize a coupon. The deal can be sent directly to their phone from us or the business. However, YardsAway doesn’t use a customer’s number without permission. Nor, do we send unsolicited text messages or sell our customer’s phone numbers to other businesses. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

How Do Customers Opt-Out of the Holy Moly Deal Alert or A Mobile Deal Club?

To opt-out at anytime from our Holy Moly Deal Alerts, just txt: YA NO HMD back to the short code # you received the deal from.

To opt-out of any of our business partner’s mobile deal club, just txt: YA NO <the business’ mobile keyword> back to the short code # you received the deal from.

To opt-out of all deals on our site through your mobile device, txt: STOP to the short code you received the deal from.

What's the cost?

Totally free to join and create mobile deals!.
It's FREE to join and create mobile deals!. There is NO CONTRACT agreement. No membership fees. No pay-per-click fees. It’s an affordable, pay-as-you-need it plan. To participate in the Mobile Deal Club, just add credits to your account. The costs is only $.10/text deal you distribute to your customer list.

What are some of the tools YardsAway offers to help businesses with advertising campaigns?

YardsAway has created a system that allows businesses to have total control over advertising campaigns. Creating an account with us allows a business free access to their own control panel, where they can:

• Track your video views
• Track your coupon views
• Track your mobile and clipped coupons
• Pause a coupon campaign
• Blast out mobile coupons
• Purchase and view credits

What is a YA micro site?

A YA micro site is a powerful one-page profile that businesses can use to shoot and upload video ads, customer testimonials and pictures while creating and modifying their mobile discounts. Local residents can view a business’ micro site to learn more, rate and review their products/services and access mobile coupons.

The YA micro site allows businesses to:

• Connect with local consumers in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC
• Create and post unlimited mobile discounts, coupons or promotions
• Create and post unlimited printable discounts, coupons or promotions
• Showcase their business through video
• Display customer testimonials to increase sales of products and services
• Edit and update the micro site at will
• Rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo!
• Drive traffic to the businesses location
• Pay-as-you-go
• Contribute to the Go Green initiative

How effective is a YA micro site?

Video is 80% more effective than traditional media. It increases the call to action from consumers. In addition, it boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over live presentations, which expedites buying decisions by 72% versus print. Using mobile coupons to market and advertise is smart, inexpensive and effective. The fact is that half of U.S. consumers purchase the Sunday newspaper just for coupons, and 79% of all U.S. residents use coupons every week. Allowing consumers to send them to their mobile phone makes it even more convenient and environmentally safe.

How does the power work behind the page?

We maintain the micro sites’ visibility on search engines with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more a business posts mobile and printable coupons and videos, the better page ranking their micro site receives on Google and the more customer traffic is driven to their brick-and-mortar location. We want to help local businesses, so that we can grow ours!

How does YardsAway promote your business beyond our online community?

Social Media Marketing
Guerilla Marketing - based on your industry
Eco-Friendly Direct Marketing Campaigns (using recyclable paper) every week in different locations
Hold a HOLY MOLY DEAL event at the merchant location

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