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What is YardsAway?

  • YardsAway is an mobile marketing service that provides free mobile coupons to local consumers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. From restaurants to retail stores and salons to health care providers, customers can use YardsAway to find deals and discounts from local merchants and have them text messaged to their mobile phones.

    • Why YardsAway?

      We chose YardsAway because the name reflects the short distance between people and places in a community. Plus it sounds great too!

How Does YardsAway Work?

  • Instead of paper coupons that you have to clip, carry with you and possibly leave at home, YardsAway mobile coupons travel with you anytime, everywhere – conveniently in your mobile phone. To get mobile coupons, you can visit YardsAway.com and search for current offers from local businesses by location or type of business. Once you find an offer you want, click the coupon's "Mobilize it" link to have it text messaged to your cell phone. Then, you will be prompted to enter only your phone number and select your cell phone service provider to receive the coupon. Within seconds, the offer is text messaged to you. To redeem, simply show your mobile phone at the point-of-sale.

    Or use the business' mobile keyword that's listed on the marketing material you've received and text the buinsess' keyword to the short code number listed. Within seconds, the offer is text messaged to the you. To redeem, simply shows your cell phone at the point-of-sale. Instant savings!

  • Will YardsAway SPAM my cell phone?

    Absolutely NOT! We HATE spammers more than you do. YardsAway will never spam you. The “Mobilize it” mobile coupon feature will allow you to send deals to your cell phone, not us. We will not automatically send you mobile deals unless you agree to it. However, we will send you Holy Moly Deal Alerts via email only, which you can opt-out at anytime.

Does YardsAway continue to send mobile coupons after the customer “clips” or text messages the offer?

No. YardsAway never sends you unsolicited text messages. To receive regular deals from your favorite businesses, you can choose to opt-in to that particular business' mobile deal club or sign up for Holy Moly Deal Alerts, which are savings and offers we either e-mail or text on behalf of your favorite merchants. However, this is voluntarily.

Do you store customers’ cell phone numbers or sell customer information?

Once a customer chooses to have a mobile coupon sent to their cell phone via text message from our site, the customer can opt-in to have their phone number saved for a Holy Moly Deal Alerts or to receive additional deals from that particular business. This way they don’t have to enter their phone number again the next time they want to mobilize a coupon. The deal can be sent directly to their phone from us or the business. However, YardsAway doesn’t use a customer’s number without permission. Nor, do we send unsolicited text messages or sell our customer’s phone numbers to other businesses. For more information, please review our privacy policy. privacy policy.

How Do Customers Opt-Out of the Holy Moly Deal Alert or A Mobile Deal Club?

To opt-out at anytime from our Holy Moly Deal Alerts, just txt: YA NO HMD back to the short code # you received the deal from.

To opt-out of any of our business partner’s mobile deal club, just txt: YA NO <the business’ mobile keyword> back to the short code # you received the deal from.

To opt-out of all deals on our site through your mobile device, txt: STOP to the short code you received the deal from.

How are “Most popular deals” determined?

  • You determine who has the most popular deals or not!
  • The most popular deals are based on the number of coupon clicks and views the user conducts

How do I use a coupon from YardsAway.com?

  • 1. You can send the coupon to your cell phone (as a text message) and take it to the business and show your phone to redeem the deal. 

    2. Select your coupon, clip it from the business or coupon search page, print and take them to the store to receive your deal!  

What’s a mobile coupon?

  • Mobile coupons are coupons that you can send directly to your cell phone and redeem it at the business location by presenting the text message coupon on your phone to the cashier or waiter/waitress.

Does it cost me to send a mobile coupon?

  • We do not charge you to use our system to send mobile coupons to your cell phone. However, your carrier may charge a standard text messaging fee.

How can I print coupons?

  • 1. To print an individual coupon: add that coupon to your coupon list by clicking on the “Clip” link at the bottom right side of the coupon, click on “My Coupons” and then click on “Print coupons" link that’s located at the top right side of the title bar.

  • 2. To print multiple coupons, “clip” the coupons to save it to your coupon “List.”  Then click on “My coupons” to print your coupons.

How can I learn more about a business that is on YardsAway.com?

  • When you click the business logo or image on a coupon, it takes you to the business “profile” page. From there you can get more information about the business.

How can I send a coupon to a friend?

  • Click on the “Share” link on the coupon and enter the e-mail address. You can send coupon(s) to multiple e-mail addresses at once, by separating the e-mail addresses with commas.(yourfriend@email.com, yourfriend2@email.com)

What if a business doesn't accept my mobile or printed coupon?

  • Please help us improve our service. Report a business to us by flagging the business in the “Business Profile” page when you click on a business. 

How can I flag a coupon or business?

  • When you click on a coupon, it takes you to the business “profile” page.  From there, you will see a “flag” icon where you can report the coupon and/or business. We really appreciate your help!